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RF & Microwave

RF & Microwave 

  • Terrestrial & Avionic Applications
  • RF Record/Capture & Playback
  • On The Move, Beam Forming
  • Telematic, Infotainment, RF Test & Measurment
  • On the Move applications

Our RF design & test engineers are experts their field with deep applications and integration experience. Their broad expertise includes comprehensive solutions for evaluating RF spectrum for Intelligence, noise floor, next gen wireless communications, novel antenna design, simulation.

Our lab includes quad vector RF Transceivers with 30 Terabyte Solidstate Drive for Ground and Avionic  Record and Playback, Network and Spectrum Analyzers, and Anechoic Chambers. 

Capabilities also include design build of automated test equipment and scalable platformes (ATE) for use in various phases of product development, from design, prototyping, manufacture, field and depot testing.

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Anechoic Chamber with Satimo Ring for 4G and 5G tested measurement RF instumentation

RF, Microwave, Test Services and Solutions:

  • Mobile devices and smartphones
  • RF Record, Playback, Spectrum Capture, Heat Maps
  • Scans for Access Points
  • Very Low Signals in presence of Strong Interferers
  • Anechoic Chamber Testing of Antenna, Smart Devices
  • Radios: digital, microwave, analog, Satellite
  • Vehicle radios, telematic, and infotainment systems

Test & Measurement Instruments and Systems:

  • Three (3) RF Anechoic Chambers
  • Anechoic Chamber equipped with Satimo Ring
  • Modeling and Simulation tools – CST, ANSY
  • Human Body forms – Head, Torso, Hand
  • RF Instruments: Anritsu, Rohde and Schwarz, Agilent,  Keysight, Hewlett Packard
  • National Instruments- (Portable platform)
    4 Channel Record and Playback 
    4 Channel Vector Signal Transcievers 6Ghz
    30 Terabyte Solidstate Drive
  • Keysight 9918 FieldFox 30Khz to 26.5Ghz
  • Agilent 5071C, Agilent 8257
  • Agilent/Keysight Network Analyzers
  • Millimeter Wave – VNA 90 Ghz
  • Spectrum Analyzers
  •  Infrared cameras, LWIR 640x480 
  • Nvidia Xavier development, Nvidia Cuda, C++, OpenCV, Python,
  • Intel OpenVino, Intel MyriadX
  • Camera sensors monocular, Stereo Depth Sensors
  • Biometrics  sensor

  • RF Transmitters, Receivers, Amplifiers, Antennas
  • Communications for on the Move Systems
  • Global Positioning System (GPS) & Navigation devices
  • Base stations and wireless networks
  • Communications systems: Defense, Consumer, Carrier Grade
  • Multi-Spectral Products
  • Power and other modules
  • And more

Call today and let's discuss your design challenge or gap closing requirements. 

Contact Call (919) 670-1073 today or email info@LinkToPhil.com. "Let's work together and exceed your business goals."