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Phil Williams LLC provides extensive technology development and management consulting services to global design and manufacturing companies within the aerospace, automotive, defense, electronics, bio-medical, and other market segments. Backed by more than 45 years of hands-on experience defining, designing, developing, and deploying ultra-low latency highly parallel systems architectures for the purpose of Design Verification & Validation, Hardware or Human in the Loop, Environmental Test, Systems Level and Automated Functional Test, Sensor intensive Industrial Measurement & Control, including real-time embedded air and ground systems.  Phil has developed innovative concepts and winning strategic plans for key clients that close technology gaps, surpass stakeholder business goals, and drive diverse revenue streams. 

Building EcoSystems Enabling Success

Phil Williams is recognized by Industry, University, Academic Partners, specific DoD circles, and global private sector as an expert in cultivating strategic alliances and building high performing teams. He is able to deliver high-value technology solutions that close gaps and/or increase top and bottom lines.  Phil's experience also includes having founded multiple tech start-ups, mergers, acquisitions, and high gain divestitures.

Global Track Record and Skill Set

  • Positions Industry Clients as Segment Leaders by Substantially Enhancing Competitive Differentiation While Also Increasing Top-Line Sales & Bottom-Line Profits
  • Expertly Aligns Solutions with Client Requirements & Market Trends to Enable Long-Term Positive Results
  • Works Collaboratively with University & Industry Researchers to Commercialize Solutions That Deliver Force Multipliers or Wellness for Our Military
  • Builds Trust & Fosters Innovation That Builds Long-Term Client Relationships & Recurring Revenue Programs That Substantially Separates Clients from Competitors
  • Works with Both Startups & Established Businesses with Regards to Developing Business Cases, Overseeing Trade-off Analysis, Identifying Market Needs, & Securing Funding
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Complex Systems Design in Durham, NC

  • Strategizes Systems & Solutions across Multitudes of Sectors including, but Not Limited to: Military & Aerospace, Electronics, Wireless & Optical Communications, Vehicle Electronics, Medical Devices, Cloud & IT Infrastructure, & Global Deployments
  • Leverages Extensive Experience Using Agile,  Spiral, & Hybrid Development Models for Hardware, Software, & Complex System Development & Deployment
  • Spearheads Designs, Modeling & Simulation, Development, Test & Evaluation, & Launch of Disruptive next-Generation Solutions, integrating latest versions of GPU/FPGA based architectures, Leveraging advances in Machine Learning, Novel Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, ultra-low latency architectures, so as to enhance Vision, Imaging, Air-to-Ground/Beam Forming Communications required by "Fast Movers" 
  • Oversees Concepts, Trade-off Analysis, Experimentation, Vendor Selection, & Simulation Methods for Evaluation


Chair, Defense Alliance of NC Science & Technology Forum
Board Member, NC Defense Business Association (NCDBA) (2010 to 2019)
Founder & Chair, NCDBA Science & Technology Committee (2010 to 2019)
Board Member, Armed Forces Communications, & Electronics Association (AFCEA), Ft. Bragg Chapter (2010 to Present)
Board of Directors, The Leadership Trust, Inc ® | Member, Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers (IEEE)
Member, Society of Aerospace & Automotive Engineers (SAE) | Member, National Defense Industry Association (NDIA)
International Society of Optics and Photonics (SPIE), Optical Society of America (OSA)

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