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Accelerating Success From Concept to Deployment

Phil Willaims

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Vehicle Test Bed: Degraded Vision Enhance (DVE) -

Military or E-Responder Driver is "Buttoned-Up" driving/navigating viewing DVE Display
Night, Fog, Smoke- Improved Perception of Depth

Vehicle Test Bed: 1920x1200 Thermal IR, Multi-Camera 
 "Buttoned-Up", Driver navigating terrain viewing Display only.
Night, Fog, Smoke (Degraded Vision Enhancer DVE)

Test Vehicle: Demonstration using Non-Standard Military Vehicle
Driver and Commander each have Low Latency, 4K High Definition Color Displays
Driver Navigating Terrain Geometry during Night, Fog, Smoke "Buttoned up"
Manned & Remote Operator vehicle applications

Expert Driver -Demonstating Navigating Rugged Terrain
Mountain Trails, Drop offs, Night, Fog, Smoke -
E-Responders and Special Operators - Improved Depth Perception
"Reducing Rollovers - Improved Perceeption of Terrain Geometry."

In-Vehicle Electronics: Telematics, Infotainment, GPS/Navigation, Saftey, Voice, Video
Design Validation through High Volume Manufacturing and Test 
Hardware in the Loop, Human In the Loop, HALT, HAST, Systems Level 

Design Validation Through High Volume Manufacturing and Test Platforms

Navy Demonstration Vessel "Stiletto": 
Night & Degraded Vision Demonstration
Navigating "Sea States" at Night, Fog, Smoke

NAVY Demonstration Vessel: C4ISR, Thermal and Color Sensors
  Safer Navigation of Sea States ( Waves): Night, Fog, Smoke

Maritime Surface Demonstration Vessel: Captain/Navigational Aid
Ocean Demonstration: Navigatimg varing Sea States
Degraded Vision Enhancer 

 Degraded Vision Enhancer for Remote Operators:
DVE equipped with High Resolution Sensors and LCD Display

Reducing Military Vehicle Mishaps - Improving Driver Perception of Terrain Geometry,   Multi-Sensor, High Defintiion, Impoving Driver's perception of Terrain - On the Move

Next Gen Military Degraded Vision Enhancer Development

Improving Driver's Visual Acutiy of Terrain Geometry - 

Past Experience - Joint Strike Fighter -

Network Daughter Card -Triple Redundant bus 

Avionic In-Vehicle Embedded Electronic Development

Research, Innovation, Development, Test and Evaluation,
21st Century Manufacturing

What We Do:

We provide technical services on start-ups, product development, proof of concept, advanced manufacturing, supply chain, prototyping, compliance testing, human capital and leverging convergence of technologies.

Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing

Includes newer design through manufacturing methods leveraging digital twins, additive manufacturing,  process automation and assembly, robotics, design through manufacturing test automation. 
Building the  21st Century Workforce.
Industry 4.0, Digital Transformation, Circularity

Autonomous Systems

Autonomous Systems

A cross-cutting sector that includes smart, self-directed systems, including unmanned air, ground, and water vehicles. Includes robotics, self-healing networks, human-machine interaction, and artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning
Cyber Resilence.

Human Performance

Human Performance

Includes augmenting, assisting, and protecting humans to optimize performance. This can include pharmacogenetics, microbiome, AI-powered diagnostics, regenerative medicine, wearable health monitors, and prosthetics integrated with the nervous system. It also includes human psychology, social behavior, and human factors and systems.



Includes new materials to enable market and/or performance advantage, Use of nanomaterials, ceramics, lightweight metal alloys, composites, flexible electronics, smart fibers, functional and smart fabrics. Conversion of biomas,  biochar, to forms of carbon and graphene.
Cicularity, Sustainability, Waste Recovery



A mix of traditional, nontraditional energy and power technologies that reduce size, weight and enhance electronic equipment performance, including energy production, harvest, storage, and distribution; batteries; microgrids; power electronics;  waste-to-energy systems, anticipating future nuclear fusion reactors.

Data and Knowledge Management

Data and Knowledge Management

Combination of processing, storing, analyzing, protecting, and creating knowledge from data; includes cybersecurity, system resilience, assurance, and cyber forensics.

On the Move Vehicle Systems and Solutions

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Aerospace and Defense

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RF & Microwave

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In-Vehicle Systems

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Reducing Military Vehicle Mishaps!!!

Advanced Driver's Degraded Vision Enhancer (DVE) 
 Night, Fog, Smoke

 Low Latency, High Res, Improved Perception of Depth

Patented Monocular to Stereo/Binocular vision (No Eyewear required)

Degraded Vision Enhancer DVE LWIR
Demonstration- Driver Buttoned up, driving viewing High Definiion Display of Test Track

Reducing Vehicle Rollovers

Driver's Degraded Vision Enhance (DVE)


  • Patents Granted  In-Vehicle Drivers DVE
    Night, Fog, Smoke
  • Improved Perception of Depth
  • Driver Navigation of Terrain Geometry
  • Reduce Driver/Operator Cognitive Load
  • High Res Multi-Sensors, Thermal IR, Color
  • Video Record/Playback,
  • DVE for Commander
  • Remote Operators: Ground Robots, UAS 
  • Vehicle Applications: Ground, Manned, Robotic,  Maritime (Captain's Navigation (Fog, Night, Smoke) Surface Vessels, Work Boats, Tug
  • Situational Awarness: Persistent Stare, Object Tracking, Object Detection

Navy Demonstration Vessel:

Captain's Degraded Vision Enhancer 
Situational Awareness ( night, fog, Smoke)

Long Wave Infrared (LWIR Thermal)
Short Wave Infrared (SWIR)
Medium Wave Infrared (MWIR)

Navy Demonstration Vessel, PM Stiletto
Maritime - Gyrocam Video

About - Technology Consultant

Create, Capture, and Deliver Value

Phil Williams, LLC  is a provider of technology development and consulting services laser-focused on creating, accelerating, capturing, and delivering on-going high value for our client companies worldwide. 

Our clients have enjoyed global market expansion enabled via the innovative and disruptive solutions we provided.

Call today, Let's team up, and exceed your mission objectives.

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Defense Technology - Technology Consultant

How We Create Value

We work in close collaboration with our client's teams in exceeding their advanced technology mission objectives. We expand Markets, EcoSystems, Technologies, and Solutions that deliver very high value to our clients.

Our global track record includes accelerating commercialization, delivering gap closing and disruptive technology solutions, while substantially growing our client's revenue, markets, and products.

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Business Development - Technology Consultant


Building a better business strategy and execution plan begins with Phil Williams, LLC. We have an extraordinary track record of achievement in business, product, and complex systems design.

Our global experience includes:
Development Methodologies: Agile
Virtual Team Building
Product/Systems Design & Test
Manufacturing & Systems Integration
Evolved as Global Market Leader
Supplier of Choice

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Real-time vision and imaging
Develpoing Technology to Reduce Military Vehicle Rollovers

Our Mission: Building Trust and Exceeding Expectations

"Let's work together and exceed your mission and business goals."

- We create and deliver very high value for our clients according to their definition of success.
- We enjoy building and being a part of collaborative and innovative teams ( global, virtual, cross-functional).
- We love the challenge of accelerating technology development, rapid commercialization, and exceeding our client's mission goals.

Our Experience: 
Hundreds of man years of combined experience (Lessons Learned) in Global Industry segments:

  • Industry Experience: 
    Defense, Aerospace, Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Materials, Medical, Pharma, Human Performance, Textiles
    Manufacturing Centers of Excellence
  • Team Building:  High Performing Agile Teams, Building Trust, Exceeding Stakeholder Expectations 
  • Edge Compute: Low Power Edge GPU/CPU/FPGA- Embedded Systems, Systems Architecture, Real-Time Applications
  • Systems Architect: Cyber Resilience, Design, Build, Deploy Manufacturing Centers of Excellence
  • Compliance:  PreSceening Test platforms- CE, IEC, FAA, FCC
  • Test: Design for Testability, Manufacturability, Validation,   Manufacturing Test Systems, Agile-Remote teams
  • Compliance, Regulatory Standards, Military Ruggedization
  • Electronics , Electro-Optic, Device, Module, SubSystem, System, LRU, SRU, 
  • Autonomy, Intelligent Systems, Operational Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data
  • Situational Awareness, Low Latency, High Resolution, Multi-Sensor, SWIR, LWIR, MWIR, Lidar, RF, Wearables, Low Light High-Resolution ColorDriver/Remore Operator Degraded Vision (Night, Fog, Smoke), Imaging, Navigation, Obstacle detection, Persistent Stare, Motion Detection. Intelligent Sensors, Sensor Fusion, GPU/FPGA,  Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Last Mile - Edge: Operating at the Edge, Edge Compute, Wearables, In-Vehicle Systems
    "On the Move Communications", RF Spectrum, 4GLTE, 5G, 3GPP, Wireless-Microwave-Satellite, WIFI, Bluetooth, 

Call today and let's discuss your design challenge or gap closing requirements.


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Certifications & Accreditations
 DoD Clearances | Certified Agile Alliance Scrum Master (CSM) | PMP Certified by PMI