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In-Vehicle Systems - Automotive & Military

Maritime Fast Craft - User Testing & Ocean Demonstrations

Maritime Fast Craft - ISR Sensor Systems

Maritime Fast Craft - Ocean Night Demonstration

Degraded/Night Vision Vehicle Systems - Manned & Unmanned Vehicles

Degraded/Night Vision Vehicle Systems - Driver's Vision Enhancer

Degraded/Night Vision Vehicle Systems - Robotic Vehicle Systems

Degraded/Night Vision Vehicle Systems - Remote Vision, Imaging & Navigation

Real time Vision and Imaging

Real time Vision and Imaging

Maritime Electronics - Surface & Underwater Vehicles

Avionics - In-Vehicle Electronic Systems

Advanced Technology and Solutions that Deliver Very High Value

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Aerospace and Defense

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RF & Microwave

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In-Vehicle Systems

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Degraded/Night Vision Enhancer (DVE) Multi-Sensor LWIR, SWIR, Color, Low Light

Patented/Novel Technology: Monocular to Stereo/Binocular vision (No Eyewear required)

**Note: All Videos recorded real-time night or day and will only display in 2D on your display.

Degraded Vision Enhancer DVE LWIR
Demo Ground Mobility Test Track

Enhancing Driver's Perception of Depth and Terrain Geometry Reducing Cognitive Load and Improving the Ability to Navigate at Night, Fog, Smoke

  • Ground & Maritime DVE Vehicle applications
  • Driver/Commander/Driver Assist
  • Unmanned/Remotely Operated Vehicles, Ground Robots, UAS Video Feeds
  • Maritime Military & Commercial Surface Vessels, Work Boats, Tugs
  • Reducing Cognitive Load, Reducing Vehicle Rollovers, Loss of Life, Vehicle Mishaps, and Injuries
  • Enabling Perception of Depth of the Terrain Ahead, not a flat 2D image
  • Other applications: Persistent Stare, Object Tracking, Object Detection

Imaging/Video Sensors:

Long Wave Infrared (LWIR Thermal)
Short Wave Infrared (SWIR)
Medium Wave Infrared (MWIR)
Ultra Low Light Color and Black & White
Options: Multi-Sensor, 360 Vision
RF, GPS, other

Navy Demonstration Vessel, PM Stiletto
Maritime - Gyrocam Video

Certifications & Accreditations
 Clearances | Certified Agile Alliance Scrum Master (CSM) | PMP Certified by PMI

About - Technology Consultant

Create, Capture, and Deliver Value

Phil Williams, LLC  is a provider of technology development and consulting services laser-focused on creating, accelerating, capturing, and delivering on-going high value for our client companies worldwide. 

Our clients have enjoyed global market expansion enabled via the innovative and disruptive solutions we provided.

Call today, Let's team up, and exceed your mission objectives.

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Defense Technology - Technology Consultant

How We Create Value

We work in close collaboration with our client's teams in exceeding their advanced technology mission objectives. We expand Markets, EcoSystems, Technologies, and Solutions that deliver very high value to our clients.

Our global track record includes accelerating commercialization, delivering gap closing and disruptive technology solutions, while substantially growing our client's revenue, markets, and products.

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Business Development - Technology Consultant


Building a better business strategy and execution plan begins with Phil Williams, LLC. We have an extraordinary track record of achievement in business, product, and complex systems design.

Our global experience includes:
Development Methodologies: Agile
Virtual Team Building
Product/Systems Design & Test
Manufacturing & Systems Integration
Evolved as Global Market Leader
Supplier of Choice

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Real-time vision and imaging

Our Story: Rapid Transition of Advanced Technology into Global Marketplaces

"Let's work together and exceed your mission and business goals."

- We create and deliver very high value for our clients according to their definition of success.
- We enjoy building and being a part of collaborative and innovative teams ( global, virtual, cross-functional).
- We love the challenge of accelerating technology development, rapid commercialization, and exceeding our client's mission goals.

Our Experience: Hundreds of man years of combined experience (Lessons Learned) in many market segments, including the following:

- Communications, Defense, Aerospace, Automotive, Consumer  Electronics, Medical/Human Performance 
- Embedded Systems, Complex Systems Design, Real-Time Applications, Vision, Imaging, Degraded Vision, Control Systems, Automation
- Smart Sensors, Sensor Fusion, Low Latency GPU/FPGA Applications, Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence
- Night Vision Systems, SWIR, LWIR, MWIR, Low Light High-Resolution Color, other
- "On the Move Communications," RF-Wireless-Microwave-Satellite, WIFI, Bluetooth, other
- Design & Test Engineering, Systems Integration, Global Deployment
- C
ompliance, Regulatory Standards, Ruggedization
- Enhancing Human Performance, Saving Lives, Reducing Vehicle Rollovers and Mishap
- Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence,  Cyber Security

Call today and let's discuss your design challenge or gap closing requirements.


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