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In-Vehicle Systems - Automotive & Military

Maritime Fast Craft - User Testing & Ocean Demonstrations

Maritime Fast Craft - ISR Sensor Systems

Maritime Fast Craft - Ocean Night Demonstration

Degraded/Night Vision Vehicle Systems - Manned & Unmanned Vehicles

Degraded/Night Vision Vehicle Systems - Driver's Vision Enhancer

Degraded/Night Vision Vehicle Systems - Robotic Vehicle Systems

Degraded/Night Vision Vehicle Systems - Remote Vision, Imaging & Navigation

Avionics - In-Vehicle Electronic Systems

 We Love Hard Problems:

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When you are struggling with your business's project design and development, Phil Williams, LLC is here to assist. We offer solutions for accelerating technology development in Durham, NC. Our team has deep experience in all phases of product and system design, including validation and testing, manufacturing, and market launch. We regularly work with cross-functional, global teams to cover all areas of the product development process.


  • Agile, Scrum, Hybrid, Kanban, Lean
  • DoD Clearances
  • Subject Matter Experts, PhD, 
  • PMP

Tech Transfer, Tech Translation 

At our company, we strive to assist with rapidly transitioning product concepts out of R&D labs and into global marketplaces. This provides a number of benefits to our clients, including accelerating commercialization, improving bottom lines, and displacing competitors. We offer a number of unique services, systems, and tools to our clients, allowing them to simulate, validate, manufacture, and test their products at accelerated rates. As required, we will design, build, and deploy platforms for hardware and software development, including artificial intelligence and algorithm development.

Global Market Experience

Our past experience includes hardware and software deployments in over 30 countries. We have worked on projects for a variety of industries and markets, including defense, aerospace, automotive, consumer, communications, medical, electronics, life science, advanced materials, and Advanced Fibers, Fabrics, and Textiles.

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"Let's work together and exceed your business goals."

Our Experience Includes:

New Product Introduction ( NPI) into Global Markets

"We work with Global Designers and Manufacturers to Accelerate Products into Markets"

Our Experience with Communications Products & Systems:

Voice, Video, Data, On the Move Networks, Air/Ground/Maritime Vehicle Systems, Compliant to Standards:

  • Communications Products & Systems
  • Carrier Grade Quality
  • Vehicle Bus: CAN, MOST, 1553, Other
  • Backplane Proprietary Protocols
  • ML, AI, Algorithms, Ground Truth, etc
  • Wireless 3G/4G, 5G
  • Wearables
  • WIFI 2.4 GHZ and up
  • Bluetooth
  • Mil/Aero -Beam Forming
  • Satellite
  • Sirius/XM, DSRC
  • Sensors: SWIR, LWIR, Low Light
  • Last Mile Wireless, DSL, POTS, T1
  • Nvidia GPU
  • FPGA Xilinx, Altera
  • Optical Flow
  • Opto-electronics
  • OC 3, 12, 48,192


  • FAA/DO
  • MIL461F, 810, other
  • Design for Testability & Manufacturability
  • ITAR
  • FDA
  • JTAG
  • IC2, SPI,
  • Last Mile Wireless, DSL, POTS, T1
  • CE Mark, UL, Ontario Hydro

Our Experience with Various Platforms to name a few

  • Air, Ground, Sea vehicles (JSF F-35, Virginia Class Sub)
  • COTS Automated Test Equipment, Parallel, Async
  • Test Engineering and Automated Test Systems
  • AWG, Digitizers, Bus Emulators, Digital I/O
  • Physical Layer 1 Parametric Testing
  • High Res/FPS Vision& Imaging Sensors
  • C++, OpenCV, Cuda, OpenGL, Python
  • Software Dev: SDLC, Agile, Hybrid, other

Our Embedded Systems & Vehicle Experience:

  • "On-the-Move" RF and Microwave communications
  • Embedded systems for manned and unmanned vehicles
  • Analytics, Diagnostics, Prognostics, Vision, Remote Sensing
  • Automotive ECUs
  • Smart Devices
  • ML, AI, Algorithms
  • Mil/Aero: Joint Strike Fighter, Virginia Class Submarine,
  • Tier One Automotive Design/Manufacturers
  • Sensor/Controllers

Our Experience Designing and Building Haptics Validation Platforms: 

Robot based, multiple manipulator types enabling very high precision Multi-Axis control and measurements of buttons, knobs, etc for Torque, Wobble, and Feel, compliant to Global Automotive Manufacturer’s standards. Scientific studies indicate, haptic (tactile) feedback provides several benefits, not the least of which is, according to research that it provides an essential component in human-computer interaction (HCI) and has a quantifiable effect on efficiency and error rates as well as user satisfaction.

Our Life Science & Pharmaceutical Experience:

Product Development and Enhancement of Field Portable Instrument for Detecting Toxins in Food Supply Pharmaceutical Tablet Coaters for production in sterile environment, Sterilizer Controls, Medical, other.

Our Laser Bar Production Test - Clean Room Experience:

  • Bar Laser Production Test Platform
  • Semiconductor CIM interface
  • Vacuum Nest based on 600 holes of
    50 microns each
  • Fanuc robot based
  • 5 laser bars per nest
  • Laser drilled
  • Multi-Axis Micro Automation
  • Multiple nests
  • Chip size 250x200 microns
  • Compliant for clean room
  • Temperature control to 0.1 degree C
  • Fully automated

Our Client's Typical Requirements:

  • COTS & Open Architecture
  • Compliance to standards
  • Highly Accurate & Repeatable
  • Ease of Use
  • Scalable & Flexible
  • Ultra-Fast & Highly Parallel
  • Autocalibration
  • Training & Documentation
  • Reconfigurable
  • Total cost of ownership metrics
  • BIST & Self Test
  • Life Cycle Support
  • 24/7 Global Operation & Support
  • Accurate & Repeatable
  • Excellent User Interface
  • Future Proof

We Specialize in Design, Build, & Deployment of Solutions that Accelerate Commercialization

Product Development & Manufacturing

  • Develop scalable, flexible, and reconfigurable platforms for use as Human and or Hardware in the Loop (HIL)
  • Design Validation
  • Manufacturing Functional Test
  • Inline fully automated high volume manufacturing & test systems
  • Environmental Stress
  • End-of-Line Test
  • Compliance testing
  • Diagnostics
  • CIM interface
  • Product Assurance
  • Analytic
  • Fully automated

Our Infrastructure Experience: Cloud/Virtualization:

Provided PMO and technical oversight for large scale Cloud/Virtualization program, requiring SDLC, business analyst, all levels of test, quality assurance, development, release, configuration, pilot, go-live deployment, SLA of cloud-based muliple data center architecture compliant to all federal government security requirements. Solution required global deployment, scalable for up to 1000 users, ultra-fast search, and more.

  • SQL
  • C++
  • Java™
  • Microsoft™
  • PCI Compliant Models
  • Web Portals
  • Shopping Carts
  • Apache
  • NIST 800 Compliant Models
  • Software Lifecycle Development Models
  • Agile Models


Agile, Scrum, Hybrid, Kanban, Lean
DoD Clearances
Subject Matter Experts, PhD, 

Call today and let's discuss your design challenge or gap closing requirements.