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In-Vehicle Systems - Automotive & Military

Maritime Fast Craft - User Testing & Ocean Demonstrations

Maritime Fast Craft - ISR Sensor Systems

Maritime Fast Craft - Ocean Night Demonstration

Degraded/Night Vision Vehicle Systems - Manned & Unmanned Vehicles

Degraded/Night Vision Vehicle Systems - Driver's Vision Enhancer

Degraded/Night Vision Vehicle Systems - Robotic Vehicle Systems

Degraded/Night Vision Vehicle Systems - Remote Vision, Imaging & Navigation

Avionics - In-Vehicle Electronic Systems

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Next Generation Products and Systems:

The capabilities of next generation products and systems are continually advancing at a bewildering rate. At times it’s not easy to sift through all the specifications and capabilities of items you’re interested in or need for your products/solutions. That’s why Phil Williams LLC welcomes all inquiries from interested parties. We are great listeners, send us a note about your greatest challenge,  we have the insight you need.

Requirments and or Scope of Work

We are glad to respond to your requirements or to provide you more information regarding the consulting services we provide. We are backed by decades of experience, and are eager to utilize our skills on your behalf. We can give that little boost your project needs to bound past the finish line into development and industry adoption.

Our capabilities can meet the needs of your project. The expertise we bring to the table includes the design of electronic systems and much more. If you wish to learn more about integrating new technology into your processes or require help troubleshooting a system, you can reach out to us for assistance.

Phil Williams LLC can help your company operate at and beyond the fringes of leading-edge technology. Reach out today to discuss ways we can provide the services you require.

Contact us:
You can use the form, please include a brief description, along with your name, email, phone, and your questions. You will receive a confirmation after submitting the form, and we will respond quickly, prepared to discuss to your satisfaction the type of service you seek.

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We look forward to hearing from you. Contact us by phone, email, or the form today!

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
After-Hour & Weekend Appointments Available

Service Area: Worldwide

Phone: (919) 670-1073

Email: info@LinkToPhil.com

Want to learn more about our Consulting Services and the value we can bring to your mission? Phil Williams LLC has different consulting options for entrepreneurs, technology developers, Innovators, leaders, grassroots economic developers, or anyone who wants to learn more about our work and model of building economic ecosystems.

Option 1: Basic Consulting

This is for an individual or organization who is interested in having an in-depth Q&A and information sharing session with one of our practitioners or leaders. Our representative will answer questions about our model, timeline, building partnerships, strategies, and theory of change; as well as offer resources/advice for how to develop a strategy for local wealth building based on worker-ownership.

Option 2: In-Depth Strategic Planning and Technical Services
In-Person, Your Facility, and or Virtual  

This is for an start-up, technology developer,  innovators, leaders who are interested in having one of our practitioners or leaders walk alongside them for a period of time. It encompasses four sessions spaced over 8 weeks to deeply understand our model and how it could be implemented in other regions. We’ll explore your unique  assets and help build a roadmap for developing a plan specific to you and your team for developing strategies for accelerating your success. We will explore with you and share tools for: asset mapping; cooperative business development and conversion; human resources; community organizing; racial justice; popular education; participatory communications; legal support; strategic planning; financial support and capitalization.

Scheduling and Requirements:
Strategic Planning consultation and technical services may require pre-work and homework by our team and yours.