Aerospace & Defense

Comprehensive Aerospace Technology Consulting Services in Durham, NC

Securing defense or aerospace development contracts can be quite difficult for many companies. Thankfully, Phil Williams, LLC is here to help. We offer various aerospace technology consulting services in Durham, NC, to help product developers solve the challenges they face when working on new technologies.

We have worked extensively with many advanced aerospace and defense organizations, helping them with the extensive validation and testing required to meet the stringent compliance standards of the aerospace and defense industry. Our team has experience working throughout the product development lifecycle from design validation and initial prototyping to high or low volume production and depot repair.

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Integrating Solutions

With our consulting support, we will assist your company with advanced systems integration with a focus on industry compliance. Some of the systems we have experience working on include:

  • Radio and Communication Devices
  • Inflight Entertainment Solutions
  • Flight Controls and Avionic Equipment
  • Radar and Satellite Communications
  • In-Vehicle Bus Communications
  • Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) Systems
  • Electronic Control Units (ECU)
  • LRU, SRU, Blackbox

So when you need support for the advanced integration of various aircraft and defense systems, trust our skilled team to provide the consultation services you require. Contact us today to learn more about our consultation services or to discuss your development project with our experienced team.