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Driver's Degraded Vision Enhancer (DVE) for Navigating at Night/Smoke/Fog

Multi-Sensor options:
LWIR, SWIR, Color, Low Light

•  Perception of Depth of Terrain ahead navigating by a  visual display in degraded vision conditions (Night/Fog/Smoke/Day), perception of depth may reduce driver's cognititve burdon thereby  reducing risks, such as  vehicle rollovers/mishaps, loss of life and injuries
• Other DVE Vision applications:
Persistent Stare, Object Tracking, Object Detection

• Navigation in Degraded Vision Environment
• Ground: Manned, Unmanned, Remotely Operated Vehicles
• Maritime: Military Boats, Commercial Surface Vessels & Workboats/Tugs
Demo Video below: Navy PM-Stiletto  Ocean Day & Night Demonstration

Patented Technology: Monocular to Stereo Vision
Enabling Perception of Depth of terrain or sea surface geometry
No Eyewear Required

Long Wave Infrared: LWIR ( Thermal)
Short Wave Infrared: SWIR
Medium Wave Infrared: MWIR
Ultra Low Light Color and Black & White
Moncular to Binocular
Multi-Sensor, 360
Optional/Other inputs: RF, GPS, Lidar, other

**Click the videos below to experience driving/navigating at night, or with no windows completly buttoned up navigating viewing a video display. 

**Note: All videos are raw 2D recorded video using infrared  or low light color Sensors. Videos will only replay as  2D videos on your Monitor/Display. 

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 Degraded Vision Enhancer DVE LWIR
Ground Mobility Test Track

Navy Demonstration Vessel,
PM Stiletto- Maritime Gyrocam LWIR, SWIR, Color

Navy PM Stiletto FastCraft - 9PM
Night Ocean Demo GyroCam Thermal

3D Degraded Vision (DVE) LWIR
Non-Glasses Uwharrie Mud/Water Pit

3D Degraded Vision (DVE)  LWIR
Ground Test Track Driver #4

3D Degraded Vision (DVE) LWIR Ground Mobility TestTrack Driver #3

3D Degraded Vision DVE LWIR
Ground Mobility Track Site #2

3D Degraded Vision DVE
LWIR Ground Mobility TestTrack Driver #5

Driver Assist -Hwy 64
Overpass and Clouds 11PM

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