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Complex Systems Design in Durham, NC

Phil Williams LLC has decades of experience in the development of complex systems design in Durham, NC, that are scalable, flexible, and reconfigurable, building close third-party partnerships with the industry’s leading suppliers of COTS hardware and software. Our partners provide access to a vast array of complementary products, including high-performance embedded hardware, ruggedized/military-grade CPU/GPU/FPGA hardware, operating systems, software development tools, graphics productivity tools, specialized I/O hardware products, and enclosures.

Systems Integration examples, to name a few:

Test and Measurement instrumentation from National Instruments, Keysight, Rohde and Schwarz Imaging/Vision sensor examples include Thermal Infrared LWIR, Short Wave Infrared SWIR, Low Light from suppliers such as FLIR, Leonardo DRS, Lockheed Martin

Contracting/Teaming partners include:

Professional/Industry Memberships:


The NC Defense Alliance of North Carolina and its Science and Technology Committee a 501 (c)(6) Non-Profit Trade Assoc.

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The future lies in the advanced integration of artificial intelligence into mechanical and equipment design. Once thought to be the realm of military and aerospace engineering, artificial intelligence is quickly moving to include various private sectors. With every advance, there is potential for increased safety, more precise operations, and cost-saving possibilities.

High-value advanced technology can transform our client’s processes. From navigation systems to machine learning and artificial intelligence, the value of advanced integration cannot be understated. Our company is proud to partner with suppliers who understand our drive for innovation and intuitive design.

We work closely with our partners to bring to life the ideas that drive our world. Our team reaches beyond the conventional to expand the possibilities of technology. We value nothing more than to exceed the expectations of the people we work with and their end-users.

By collaborating with top-tier partners, we can accelerate our capabilities and enhance every aspect of our client's brand. Our technology development and consulting services provide clients with innovative solutions custom-designed to their specifications. Our association with leading systems integration and contracting services means the possibility of global market expansion is within grasp. Call now to speak to an agency that understands the future of technology.

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