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Agile Development Methodology - MVP

In-Vehicle Systems - Automotive & Military

Maritime Fast Craft - User Testing & Ocean Demonstrations

Maritime Fast Craft - ISR Sensor Systems

Degraded/Night Vision Vehicle Systems - Manned & Unmanned Vehicles


Maritime Electronics - Surface & Underwater Vehicles

Avionics - In-Vehicle Electronic Systems

Degraded/Night Vision Systems - Driver Testing

Maritime Fast Craft - Ocean Night Demonstration

Professional Services & Technology Practice Team

We Create, Capture, and Deliver High Value for our Clients Worldwide.

Our Technology Practice Team (EcoSystem) includes Cross Domain Subject Matter Experts and (SMEs) with deep experience in various Science and Technology Domains, and development processes including Agile, Minimum Viable Product (MVP). 

Professional Services include Concept, Strategy, Architecture, System Design, Hardware and Software Design, Validation, Test Engineering, Compliance, Prototype Builds, Low Volume Manufacturing, Outsourcing, Life Cycle Support.

Design Build High Performance and Rugged Computer Platforms, Vision, RF, and Communications Systems, Smart Sensors, GPU, FPGA, IoT, Novel Algorithms,  Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Analytics.

We bring Lessons Learned from years of Global Technology Development, Strategic Program Management, accelerating development, S&T and RDT&E, global manufacturing, compliance to standards, and life cycle management experience to assist our clients in in exceeding mission goals and minimizing risk.

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Our Global client experience spans over 30 countries, including Fortune 100 as well as start ups within Automotive, Aero, Defense, Communications, Tier One Electronics, and other.

Flexible and Scalable Consulting Services

Technology Practice Catagories:

  • Global Market Expansion
    - Clients have become Market Leaders
  • Global Business Development and Capture
    - Experience in over 30 countries
  • Commercialization
    - Our team has launched hundreds of Electronic and Optical products & systems
    - Global Electronics, Defense, Automotive, Life Science, other
    - Carrier Grade Quality Global Communications OEMs
  • Science & Technology (S&T), SBIR and Grant Pursuits
    - Add our EcoSystem to your team
  • Research, Development, Test, & Evaluation (RDT&E)
    - Our Process Methodology and Solutions have accelerated revenue and quality
  • New Product Development and Introduction
    - Design, Manufacturing, Deployment experience in over 30 countries
    - Vetronics
    - Ground, Air, Maritime
  • Agile and other Development Methodologies
    - Building the right Culture, and Agile Teams
    - Product Owner, Hardware, Software, Deployment, and SLA
  • Simulation, RF Spectrum Capture/Interferer Modeling, System Emulation
    - HIL platforms that emulate Next Generation complex systems
    - Hardware in the Loop & Human in the Loop
    - In-Flight RF Record and Playback -Quad Vector Signal Transcievers, 30 Terabyte Solid State Drive
  • Automated Test, Measurement Systems & Test Engineering
    - Design Validation, Environmental, Durability, Product Assurance
    - Design for Testability, Design for Manufacturability
    - System Level Test, Built-in-Self Test, Auto Calibration
    - High Volume,Low Volume, in-line Manufacturing Test
  • Radio Frequency (RF) Record and Playback
    - Portable in-vehicle RF Record and Playback, Spectrum heat maps
    - Use for Fast mover Air and Ground vehicles
    - Infrastructure Wireless Access Point building scans
  • Embedded Systems Development & Instrumentation, and Test
    - RTOS, Linux, Ubuntu, Win10,
    - GPU, FPGA, PCB
    - Hardware & Software Engineering
    - C++, OpenCV, OpenGL, Cuda, OpenVX
    - TensorFlow
    - Machine Learning
    - Artificial Intelligence
  • On the Move and Mobile Apps
    - Manned and Unmanned Vehicle systems
    - Degraded and Night Vision Enhancers (DVE)
    - Ultra Low Latency Video
    - UAS, UGV,
  • Data & Analytics
    - Prognostics, Diagnostics, Predictive, Business Intelligence
  • Cloud & Virtualization
    - Microsoft Azure, IT Infrastructure, Data Center, Enterprise
    - Cyber/Security
  • Compliance
    - Ruggedization Levels
  • Other Client Mission Challenges

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