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What is New with Automotive In-Vehicle Systems in Durham, NC

Here you will find information about industry breakthroughs, upcoming events, and other news from around the world. Automotive in-vehicle systems in Durham, NC, and scalable technology services are our focuses, but not the be-all and end-all of our scope. Contact us to learn more about the items posted here and our advanced integration solutions.

News and Events

The Defense Alliance of North Carolina S&T Forum Dates:
• April 2021 (TBD) Webcon - Durham, NC
• May 2021 (TBD) Webcon - Durham, NC
• June 2021 (TBD) Webcon - Durham, NC


Phil is passionate about leveraging his business acumen to give back to the community. That is why, in 2010, he formed the NC Defense Business Association’s (NCDBA) Science & Technology (S&T) committee, formerly known as NCDBA and now known as The Defense Alliance of North Carolina (DANC).

Over the years, the DANC S&T committee has evolved into a highly collaborative and innovative working group with a blend of industry experts, academic researchers, and government members supporting defense industry needs through scalable technology services and more. DANC is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit, membership-based trade association with a social mission to support the US DoD and our military in North Carolina and around the world.

The S&T committee hosts monthly technology forums to discuss advanced integration innovations and gap-closing solutions. Meetings are held monthly in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. Members, guests, and SMEs include:

  • DANC Members: Defense Primes, Industry, Academic, S&T, RDT&E, Ph.D., SMEs
  • Government Guests: DoD S&T community, USASOC S&T, State & Local
  • University Researchers: EE, RF/Wireless, Physics, Materials, Life Science, Computing, Security, Medical, Analytics

About Our Support for Nonprofit and Community Organizations

As part of our company’s social mission, we give back to the community and support military members and their families through these organizations:

The Defense Alliance of North Carolina (DANC)

Armed Forces Communications & Electronics Assoc (AFCEA)

National Defense Industry Association (NDIA)

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