RF & Microwave


RF Record, Playback, and Test Engineering

- On the Move, Field, Laboratory, Factory Test & Measurement 

Our RF test engineers are experts in RF, microwave, and integrating their broad expertise into comprehensive solutions for evaluating RF spectrum for Intelligence, Wireless communications, RF product development, Simulation, RF Record and Playback. Additionally, we develop automated test equipment (ATE) for use in various phases of product development, from design, prototyping, manufacture, field trials and depot repairs.


RF, Microwave, Test Services and Solutions:

•    Mobile devices and smartphones
•    RF Record, Playback, Spectrum Capture, Heat Maps
•    Scans for Access Points
•    Very Low Signals in presence of Strong Interferers
•    Anechoic Chamber Testing of Antenna, Smart Devices
•    Radios: digital, microwave, analog, Satellite
•    Vehicle radios, telematic, and infotainment systems
•    RF Transmitters, Receivers, Amplifiers, Antennas
•    Communications for on the Move Systems
•    Global Positioning System (GPS) & Navigation devices
•    Base stations and wireless networks
•    Communications systems: Defense, Consumer, Carrier Grade
•    Multi-Spectral Products
•    Power and other modules
•    And more


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