Aerospace & Defense


Advanced Test Solutions for Aerospace and Defense Systems

Developers of defense/military and aerospace products face many challenges, including compliance to the most stringent standards requiring extensive validation and test through all life cycle phases. Such products and solutions are increasingly complex with a fusion of technologies, automated and integrated, and requiring even more sophisticated and advanced systems that can emulate, validate, and perform all required testing.

We have worked with many advanced aerospace and defense organizations helping them solve these challenges while ensuring the highest quality and performance from design validation, initial prototyping, high and/or low volume production build and depot repair.

Our comprehensive consulting leverages our many years of design/build/deployment of  highly automated solutions for use as HIL, Design Validation,  Environmental Stress, Product Assurance, Manufacturing and System level test  platforms that accelerated commercialization, high quality, with compliance to industry standards and certifications such as ANSI, UL, CE, ETSI, FAA, CTIA, Mil, Ontario Hydro, and others.


  • Radio & Communications devices
  • Inflight Entertainment
  • Flight controls and avionic equipment
  • Radar and satellite communication 
  • In-Vehicle Bus Communications, TriPlex Redundant Bus
  • Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) systems
  • Electronic Control Units ( ECU)
  • LRU, SRU, Blackbox





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