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Phil Williams, LLC  is a provider of technology development and consulting services laser focused on creating, accelerating, capturing, and delivering on-going high value for our client companies worldwide. 

Our clients have enjoyed global market expansion enabled via the innovative and disruptive solutions we provided.

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How We Create Value

We work in close collaboration with our client's teams in exceeding their mission objectives. We expand Markets, EcoSystems,   Technologies, and Solutions that deliver very high value to our clients.

Our global track record includes accelerating commercialization, delivering  gap closing and disruptive technology solutions, while substantially growing our client's revenue, markets, and products.


Building a better business strategy and execution plan begins with Phil Williams, LLC. We have an extraordinary track record of achievement in business, product, and system advancement.

Our global experience includes:

  • Business Case and Requirements analysis
  • Development Methodologies: Agile
  • Virtual Team building
  • Product/Systems Design & Test
  • Manufacturing & Systems Integration
  • Deployment
  • Evolved as Global Market Leader
  • Supplier of Choice

Certifications & Accreditations
Top-Secret Clearance | Certified Agile Alliance Scrum Master (CSM) | PMP Certified by PMI

Further Reading
Phil's Interview with Dr. Gerry Hayes -Wireless Research Center of NC | Connecting with the North Carolina Defense Industry

Our Story: Rapid Transition of Technologies into Global Marketplaces

  "Let's work together and exceed your mission and business goals."  

- We create and deliver very high value for our clients according to their definition of success.
- We enjoy building and being a part of collaborative and innovative teams ( global, virtual, cross functional).
- We love the challenge of accelerating technology development, rapid commercialization, and exceeding our clients mission goals.

 Our Experience: Hundreds of man years of combined experience ( Lessons Learned) in many market segments, including the following:
- Communications, Defense, Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Consumer  Electronics, Optical, Life Science
- Embedded Systems, High Speed Backplane and Bus protocols, Real Time Applications, Control Systems, Nano-Automation 
- Infrastructure/Virtualization and Cloud Computing
- Military/Gov  Data Center, Big Data, Global Enterprise, Security, Cyber
- "On the Move Communications", RF/Wireless/Microwave/Satellite, WIFI, Bluetooth, other
- Design & Test Engineering, Systems Integration, Global Deployment
- C
ompliance to Regulatory Standards.. 

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